A journey of my life

I am creating this blog to give my children, and others interested, the story of my life.  It will be filled with my memories from the different places I have lived.  Unlike its sister blog http://learning2leftovers.com this won’t contain reflections on the past and things I have learned.  Instead, the posts will relate how I remember feeling at the time or in the experience.  I may also relate how thinking of the memory makes me feel now.

The posts won’t be in chronological order, since I will be writing of memories of random times.  But I will have each post categorized into certain years.  I will also have other categories for posts.  Some posts may be in multiple categories.

It’s been a few years since I created my sister blog and I find I have grown rusty at design.  I will need to refer back to my early technology posts in that blog where I related my progress in designing it.  Even with my notes (and early posts from my other blog) it will take a while for me to obtain my desired look for this blog.  I ask for your patience during construction.