My dad had said if he ever got married, he wanted it to be in the Little Brown Church.  Well, at age 35, he finally got married!  Since he and my mom both loved music and singing and the song about this church had always been a favorite of both, they were married at The Little Brown Church in the Vale in Nashua, Iowa in the summer of 1948.   After the wedding they visited my dad’s family in Iowa, and then took about a month long honeymoon traveling from Iowa north to Washington state.  They wanted to see Sedro-Woolley, where Mom was born, and visit her relatives in the area.  From there they headed south to California.   I still have many of the picture postcards Mom bought on the trip.  I also have her viewfinder slides and some pictures.  I especially remember the redwoods, where they drove the car through!  And sad to say, that enormous tree has since fallen.   After leaving California they head back through Colorado, visiting relatives along the way, till they arrived in Broken Bow Nebraska.

Besides getting a wife, my dad also became a step-father, although we never used that term.  They were just were just my brothers.  They had a dad in Colorado, (and eventually two sisters—but I didn’t know this for some time).  They always called my dad by his name, Lloyd.  While my folks were traveling for their wedding and honeymoon, the boys stayed with their dad Tom and his wife Vida in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Although both my parents came from farming backgrounds, at the time of their marriage Dad was part owner—along with the Pirnie brothers— of the Arrow Freight Lines in Broken Bow, Nebraska.  The new family—Lloyd, Lucy, Danny and Terry—moved into his house in Broken Bow, just north of the new North Park School.

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